A new project to become your favorite place in Dubai


    The environmental protection is one of the main strategies of the UAE.

    And the UAE is constantly developing new technologies and creating projects, the aim of which is to protect the environment, to save flora and fauna, and of course to make everything possible for people’s healthy life.

    A new project of protected zone Marmoom Reserve is planned to be created in the UAE.

    The Marmoom reserve zone will occupy 10% of the territory of Dubai. The authorities hope that this large-scale project will help create one of the largest desert reserves having a diverse flora and fauna, as well as developed sport and ecotourism.

    The Marmoom reserve is designed to protect many endangered species of animals and birds and will become an important object for education, raising awareness of environmental problems, tourism and recreation.

    The Marmoom reserve will enrich ecological, tourist and sports life of the UAE.

    There are 158 species of migratory and more than 200 species of settled birds, 9 species of mammals, 26 species of reptiles, 39 species of plants in the reserve. You can find there more than 500 flamingos, which is the greatest number from all desert territories of the UAE.

    There is also an archaeological monument of 3000 years old on the territory of reserve.

    The reserve will provide a lot of opportunities for its visitors from observing the flora and fauna to having yoga or doing active sports.

    Several watchtowers will be built, with the opportunity for visitors to see the wild fauna. These towers will be made in the form of a head of the Arabian oryx.

    Several towers will be built for relaxation and meditation.

    5 observation sites will be build for fans of astronomy, where there is no light pollution.

    It is planned to have the largest greenhouse for growing plants in the UAE ( 40 hectares), playing the role of educational center for schoolchildren, researchers, scientists and students.

    Annually more than 20 sports events will be held on the territory of the reserve, expected to be visited by 20 000 people.
    There will also be a theater for 350 seats with musical and theatrical performances.

    In the meantime, Marmoom Biosphere Center will develop the reserve and its management in accordance with the principles of environmental protection, becoming the center of ecotourism.

    Other environmental initiatives include the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles. The territory of the reserve will also use the technology of intelligent meters, which will make possible a reasonable and thrifty way of life.