Admire Dubai from a bird’s eye view. Where?…


    Finally, the citizens and tourists of Dubai can book an ascent to the Golden Frame, or Berwaz Dubai, which opens in the emirate from January 2018.

    The long-awaited attraction will be officially opened to the public after a series of tests have done.

    As the Safari of Dubai was opened in December, it was decided to open the Dubai Frame in January to avoid the simultaneous opening of two major attractions.

    Developer Emaar signed an agreement to manage framework. The company is engaged
    all technical and administrative aspects with the help of its office, which also operates a viewing platform in Burj Khalifa.

    So, after a long wait, the audience will finally have an opportunity to enjoy a magnificent 360-degree view of the city. Now residents and tourists will be able to enter the 150-meter observation platform of the Dubai frame. Every day from 10:00 to 19:00 visitors have an opportunity to look at the city from a completely new perspective. For adults, the ticket will cost 50 Dhs, 20 dirhams for children (from 3 to 12 years), for people over 60 and children under 3, admission is free. Dubai frame can take 200 people an hour. Tickets are possible to be ordered on the official website and show an electronic ticket from the phone at the entrance. The authors of the building expect that after opening a new attraction will have about 2 million tourists a year.

    At the top, visitors can see an interactive show with the history of the city, and Dubai’s future through virtual reality glasses.

    Work on the 150-meter Frame began in 2013. Originally it was due to open in 2015. The delay was caused by making a decision to supply high-quality materials, including a gilded stainless steel cladding that covers the structure.

    Thanks to the “smart” ticketing system, visitors will have ooportunity to access the booking using the mobile phone. It is recommended to book the tickets at least an hour earlier, as the tour will be formed of 20 people.
    People can not enter if there is no place for them in the group. If there is no place, they will have to wait to join the next group.

    The frame worth 160 million dirhams ($ 43.6 million) affords visitors to observe view of the old and new Dubai, as well as access to the 93-meter glass bridge. The structure, consisting of two 150-meter towers, embodies the transition from old Dubai to a new one.
    There is an exhibition gallery and museum in the lower lobby , a panoramic elevator will lift guests to the upper lobby, from which you can admire Dubai from a bird’s eye view.