Dubai in the top 10 sea capitals of the world


    Dubai’s coastal projects and a new recreational policy will turn the emirate into one of the most important international hubs for lovers of marine recreatione by 2022, established by Manon Business Group.

    Dubai already belongs to the top 10 sea capitals of the world and ranks 5th in terms of attractiveness and competitiveness. Dubai Harbor with a marina for 1400 yachts is expected to be the most significant project. After putting it into operation, the amount of parking places will grow by 50% – up to 3000.

    Two cruise terminals and an embankment of a length of 1 km will be built on the territory to receive tourists. The harbor will be able to take mega-vessels and serve 13.2 thousand tourists at a time.

    Currently, active negotiations are being carried out with the airline Emirates to develop travel packages for cruise tourists. It should be noted that the harbor will be able to receive mega yachts – up to 150 meters in length. It will let Dubai to become a regional center for marine recreation.

    The Dubai Harbor project will also be home to a unique architectural structure – the Dubai lighthouse.

    The area of the 1400-local pier with all the additional facilities exceeds 20 million square feet. There will appear a port for cruise ships, a terminal, a great shopping center, a place for various events, luxury homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, etc., and the Dubai Lighthouse itself.

    Dubai Harbor will become a place of attraction for yacht owners from the Persian Gulf countries, which account for one third of the world’s largest superyachts.

    Access to Dubai Harbor will be provided by land, sea and air. One more interesting fact is that the project will be linked to Sheikh Zayed Road, Palm Jumeirah and some other important places with unique infrastructure solutions.

    The automobile interchanges of the complex are created in such a way that it will be possible to hold the Formula-1 race there.

    The project developers have plans to place three helipads on the territory of Dubai Harbor.

    Dubai Harbor is expected to contribute to creating new jobs, attracting significant investments and increasing the value of nearby properties. The new project will let Dubai to grow by 50 % in terms of the number of yachts in Dubai and to 100% in terms of servicing cruise travelers.

    135-meter Dubai Lighthouse will offer a luxurious hotel and a panoramic observation deck. The facade of the lighthouse will be used as a giant screen for projections in light shows.