Emirates still makes presents for its clients


    The New Year presents are still actual. And such company as Emirates Airline continues to make presents to its clients.

    Emirates increases the weight of free baggage for some more time.

    Until the end of the month, the airline Emirates gives opportunity to buy tickets in several destinations and bring 45 kg of baggage from Dubai for free.

    The airline Emirates again provides the possibility of free transportation up to 45 kg of luggage in some directions. This time, the offer can be used by travelers from Dubai until the end of the month.

    Emirates confirmed that economy class passengers traveling to some cities in Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, the Middle East and Africa could receive an additional 10-15 kg by booking a ticket before January 31, 2018

    The offer extends to departures from Dubai until June 10, 2018, in addition to the standard free weight of 30 kg.

    Last year, the airline carried out a similar action in 22 directions, which ended on 30 September and was applied for trips until 13 December. This time, new directions were added.

    According to Emirates, the stock is again held in accordance with increased demand.

    Passengers traveling to Colombo, Kabul, Tehran, Hartum, Jakarta, Dhaka, Amman, Mashhad and some others may carry 10 kilograms more than the normally allowed weight. People traveling to Dakar, Lagos, Beijing, Abidjan, Lusaka, Accra, Luanda, Nairobi and some others can carry 15 kg more.

    Regular customers and members of Skywards program have an opportunity of carrying to 12 – 20 kg of extra weight more. However, this does not apply to flights 23-25 March, except for Tehran.