Innovations and Fees for Ambulance Services in Dubai


    Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has several news and innovations.

    Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) is launching a funding program to cover basic operating expenses, introducing a series of fees ranging from 600 to 1,200 dirhams for ambulance relief.

    For the provision of emergency medical care for road accidents resulting in serious medical injuries or the death of the victim, a tariff of 6770 dirhams is set.

    For the provision of medical assistance at the scene of the accident without the transportation of the injured person, a basic fee of 600 dirhams will be charged. With additional transportation to the nearest hospital, this service will cost 800 dirhams.

    The cost of first and second outpatient services will vary from 1,000 to 1,200 dirhams.

    The cost of outpatient services is covered by the patient’s insurance company.

    The decision also contains a list of fees for the organization of training in ambulance assistance. For private companies, the cost of such services ranges from 400 to 2150 dirhams.

    Charges do not apply to the provision of emergency medical care in road accidents.

    The UAE government follows the direction of continuous modernization of ambulance services.

    DCAS in Dubai follows the example of the police of Dubai and periodically equips its fleet with sports cars, which are provided with sets of equipment and medicines to insure first aid to patients in critical condition on board.

    However, these machines were not created to transport patients. And people who need transportation to the hospital, have to wait for the usual ambulance or helicopter.

    The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services presented a new supercar at Arab Health 2018, which is capable of speeding up to 200 kilometers per hour. The car is able to move at any road conditions. As the representative of the corporation said, the new specialized sports car was launched in production last month and will be delivered to the emergency service in the near future.
    The car, as noted, is equipped with everything necessary to provide emergency medical care.

    Also, in 2017 it was announced about the launch of a new pink car for the treatment and transportation of women and children, as well as the provision of emergency medical assistance during childbirth.
    This service provides women greater privacy and meets their medical requirements in a better way.

    The service allows to provide pregnant women and young children with quick help at the car conditions. Drivers and medical specialists involved in this service have extensive experience and can provide the patients with high-quality emergency medical assistance.

    As we already mentioned earlier, the UAE government follows the direction of continuous modernization of emergency medical services to meet the needs of society.