Masdar – the first ECO CITY of the world


    Masdar City – this is the name of a unique, ambitious and fantastic project of a futuristic eco city, nearing completion.

    Alternative renewable energy sources, noiseless electric cars, pleasant coolness in the shade of palm trees and many artificial lakes and waterfalls, no emission into the atmosphere are just some characteristics of this paradise.

    The city of Masdar is the first global eco-experiment. The settlement provides itself with water and electricity, as well as cope with the processing of waste. It is designed for 40 thousand residents and involves another 50 thousand additional jobs.

    Masdar City is one of the greatest projects of mankind. According to the plan its construction should be completed in 2023.

    Masdar City is translated from the Arab as “source”. It becomes a real oasis in the desert. This is a project of the first city in the world with a zero emission of carbon dioxide, the city without waste and without cars. The city will work on alternative energy.

    Masdar City combines modern technology and ancient Arab architecture, and it is built around a huge wind tunnel. This design directs a cool breeze along the streets and avenues, making the walks comfortable even during the summer heat.

    Masdar uses the clean energy of the sun, which is produced by local roof solar panels and the largest photovoltaic installation in the Middle East.

    Masdar, founded in 2008, embodied all the views of the authorities of the emirate about the city of the future. Called to become the most environmentally friendly city in the world, the “source” is making sure steps in this direction and is developing a “green concept” of adaptation to a significant reduction in waste and energy and water costs, as well as rapid urbanization.

    In the city, traffic is prohibited. But visitors can get an unforgettable impression of a trip to the city center on a personal automatic transport – a small unmanned electric vehicle. Masdar City is open to all comers. The entrance here is free, but you will have to leave the car in the parking lot and change to the electric car, and it will already bring you directly to the city center. Here you can wander the streets and admire the unique architecture, go to luxury shops and cafes, and buy organic products.

    According to the authorities of Abu Dhabi, more than a thousand companies from around the world will be able to have their offices and research centers in Masdar. For foreign firms, this is an excellent opportunity to protect intellectual property, to provide low taxes, as well as favorable conditions for the movement of capital and other resources.

    Thus, Masdar is ready to become not only the most beautiful city, with unique architecture and infrastructure, but also a center that attracts developers of innovative technologies, with the possibility of their demonstration and implementation.