Million dollars for a number plate. Who will give more?


    The fans of number plates are awaiting impatiently for the next auction helding in Dubai this month where they have opportunity to become lucky owners of unique license plates.

    The licensing agency of the Office for Roads and Transport of Dubai (RTA) on January 21, opened a registration for the upcoming 51st auction of number plates. 250 number plates containing 3, 4 and 5 digits refer to the series H – T. The event starts on January, 28 and will last 5 days.

    The participation in such events gives positive attitude to the process of obtaining new designed number plates and such auctions promote development of online services RTA in accordance with the annual plan aimed at perfecting the quality and standards of processing of client transactions.

    Participation in bidding requires registration in the transport system of Dubai. It is necessary to provide a check for 5,000 dirhams [$ 1.36 thousand] and deposit it in one of the RTA customer service centers. Customers also must pay 120 dirhams ($ 32) for participation.

    The winning bidder must pay the appropriate amount within ten working days in cash or by credit card through the service centers or Customer Happiness Centers RTA.

    People are ready to give a lot of money for obtaining unique number plates. Sometimes such license plates can cost more than somebody’s car.
    The attractiveness of number plates can be also individual – the plate containing the smallest number of digits, or a repeating single digit, or an increase in numbers, or a number reminiscent of a birthday or other date, or maybe repeating the phone number.

    The last public auction in 2017 of RTA marked the launch of the “AA” series, together with the number plates with a new design.

    December 9, at an auction in Dubai, the batch of new Dubai license plates with the code “AA” was sold out. 10 car plates were sold for 12.3 million dirhams ($ 3.4 million).

    The most expensive lot was number plate AA10, sold for 3.12 million dirhams ($ 844 thousand).

    10 signs became the only car numbers of the “AA” series in Dubai for the next 12 months.

    Number plates AA12 and AA50 were bought for 2.72 million ($ 740 thousand) and 1.84 million dirhams ($ 500 thousand), respectively.