National Day. The holiday of pride and joy.


    National Day is one of the most important holidays in the UAE.

    December 2nd is the birthday of the new state, which in a short time managed to turn into one of the most beautiful and prosperous ones in the world. It is a holiday of national pride and joy.
    Festive events are held in honor of this great holiday in all the emirates, including Dubai.

    Traditional dances, performances, parades and concerts with the participation of celebrities contribute to the preservation of the rich cultural and historical heritage of the country. Megastar sales on the occasion of the National Day cover the whole emirate, and the riot of colors and the roar of fireworks create an unforgettable festive mood.

    Dubai City Walk opened the celebration of the 46th National Day with the participation of delegates, cultural leaders and a several thousand of people.

    The Parade of the Nations took place there with many participants and talents from different countries who were happy to become a part of the wonderful and an important event. The same can be said about artists and heads of delegates who were there. They noted that the UAE is growing its people in the atmosphere of tolerance, cooperation and respect.

    The celebration will end next Monday at Dubai City Walk.