New attractions of the DXB


    Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing is making efforts to attract more transit passengers as Dubai’s tourists through a new interactive installation at Dubai International Airport (DXB).

    High-tech interactive video wall consists of LED monitors, forming five rings with a 360 degree view. Each of the monitors shows multimedia content – photos, posts from social networks and other materials created by users.

    There are also additional seven monitors with organic LEDs and seven touch screens for individual use.

    The installation of 6 x 4 meters gives the opportunity to the transit passengers of the airport to “virtually” see the city and its various attractions. There is also a function which allows to send to the user’s mail a detailed route, developed on the basis of his interests.

    The initiative is called MyDubai Experience. The main goal of it is to make some of the millions of passengers of transit flights to become so interested in the city that they will have a wish to leave the airport and explore the city. From 2017 to 2018, more than 88 million passengers used DXB services, which became a new record for the airport.

    The goal of MyDubai Experience is to encourage passengers to consider stopping in Dubai when flying from point A to point B, as a fantastic opportunity to make their trip even more exciting. For them, MyDubai Experience is a great way to get acquainted with the possibilities of this wonderful and innovative city, whatever their financial capabilities and interests are. The initiative will help them understand that stopping in Dubai is an opportunity that they would not wish to miss.

    It is interesting to note that at the end of summer 2018, the first tunnel with a face recognition system is planned to appear at the Dubai airport.

    Passengers departing from Dubai will no longer have to go through several stages of inspection after check-in for the flight. Instead, they will need to walk through the tunnel with a virtual aquarium, in which the cameras for face recognition are hidden.

    The tunnels will be equipped with 80 cameras that can scan the faces and irises of the passengers’ eyes as they walk through the aquarium. The screens can display not only sea animals and oceans, but also a variety of landscapes or advertising. At the end of the tunnel to the passenger, depending on the results of scanning, the person will see either a green notification with a wish for a good trip, or red with a warning for the security service.

    The presentation of the device was made in the framework of the Gitex exhibition, which took place in October 2017.