New concept of education in the UAE


    The Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), within the framework of the Dubai 10X project, an ambitious project led by the Dubai Future Fund (DFF), launches the Rahhal program, which aims to completely reverse the concept of education.

    “Rahhal” is a flexible, sustainable model, accessible to people of all ages. This model uses all the knowledge, skills and experience that only society can offer and makes them available to everyone.

    The Dubai 10X project aims to advance Dubai by implementing today in the emirate the things which will be carried out at least 10 years from now in other cities around the world.

    26 projects submitted by 24 agencies were accepted. The selected projects were evaluated by a group of experts, a total of 160 ideas were submitted.

    Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of KHDA, said: “The Dubai Future Fund and the Dubai Government, within the framework of the Dubai 10X project, offer a new way of thinking, which in turn will open wide opportunities for the formation and implementation of innovative ideas in all areas life of society “.

    “Rahhal” offers an alternative approach to education that can be adapted to the needs of each individual student. Educational content will be formed by community members: private companies, volunteer groups, etc. The program will be implemented with the support of employers, the participants of the program will be guaranteed jobs where they can use the received innovative knowledge in practice.

    More about innovations in the UAE sphere of education

    The government of the United Arab Emirates seeks to be included in the top ten of the world ranking of the most innovative states. The authorities intend to triple the amount of budget funds allocated to finance scientific research in this area by 2021.

    So, the strategy of innovative and technological development of the UAE is aimed at the development of the education area.

    The introduction of innovative technologies in education implies simplification of the learning process through the use of specialized software and electronic materials (electronic textbooks and teaching materials, online platforms, etc.) by teachers and students, as well as through the development of network infrastructure, telecommunications and Internet services for correct introduction of these technologies. The Arab Emirates has developed a number of initiatives, thanks to which the country can be considered a regional leader in the creation of innovative educational platforms, materials, applications and technologies.

    An international conference on virtual and augmented reality took place in November 2017, in Dubai. These technologies can be successfully used to improve the effectiveness of the educational process.

    According to preliminary estimates, the market for complemented and virtual reality technologies in the Middle East and Africa will reach $ 6 billion by 2020, which makes the development of this area of colossal importance.