NEW Unified medical standards in the UAE


    The UAE Council of Ministers for Development, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Presidential Affairs, discussed national standards for public and private hospitals. These standards will be presented in the framework of the UAE development strategy for 2021, which involves ensuring high-quality medical services in the UAE.

    Unified standards for medical institutions will meet the highest international standards. Particular attention will be paid to the quality of medical services, patient safety, the skills of specialists and the equipping of hospitals. Other key criteria include the quality of medicines, the rights of patients and their families.

    The Council also discussed the national policy on intellectual property in the health sector, which plays a key role in protecting the rights of producers of medicines, as well as the rights of scientists and researchers.

    It should be noted, that a health investment strategy aimed at stimulating growth was recently announced, with a restructuring that includes a special department for health insurance. The Dubai Health Insurance Corporation is now responsible for the management and control of health insurance services in accordance with the law.

    In order to ensure and maintain financial stability in the country, as well as to identify possible economic risks, both nationally and internationally, the Council discussed the possible formation of an entity that would be responsible for implementing the fiscal policy of the state and taking the necessary measures to update the financial system.

    At the same time, the issue of reimbursement of VAT paid to tourists was raised, which, in the opinion of the council members, should ensure the effectiveness of the tax system and support the development of the tourism sector, and the growth in the number of tourists from different countries. The implementation of this decision will be supervised by the Federal Tax Service in cooperation with the Federal Customs Administration and local customs departments.

    It is interesting to note that scanners are being tested in Dubai, which allow a quick examination of the body.

    New medical scanners AiPod, which are able to conduct rapid diagnostics of health, may soon appear in clinics, gyms and even shopping centers in Dubai. Entering the cabin, everyone can measure at least the pulse and pressure.

    In clinics, the scanner can replace a nurse, and in everyday life – to identify diseases in the early stages. The supplier company was selected by the Dubai Health Committee to address health problems, so the AiPod health kiosks can soon appear in public places.