Smart Gates technology, the fastest passport control in the world.


    The new Smart Gates technology will be used at the airport firstly in the world

    In May 2018, Dubai International Airport (DXB) will launch a new passport control technology that will change the views of passengers about immigration control.

    The new Smart Gates check-in counters will allow passengers to undergo immigration checks in less than 10 seconds.

    “The new system has successfully passed the testing phase, and we plan to launch it by the end of May,” Major General Al Murray informed local media. He also added that “the system operates seven seconds faster than digital registration and provides the fastest document verification and passport control”.

    The passengers with a valid and registered passport, with UAE citizens identification cards, electronic immigration control cards or with an authorized QR code will be able to use the system, which will be fully automated.

    Meanwhile, the capacity of the DXB airport airspace increased by 25%, and the Al Maktoum International airport increased by 50%, thanks to the reconstruction undertaken by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and the Dubai Air Navigation Service.

    According to the representatives of the Dubai Air Navigation Service, the air traffic controllers of the emirate provided more than 500,000 take-off and landing operations in the airspace of Dubai in 2017.

    It is expected that by 2020, when Dubai will host the first World Expo exhibition in the Middle East, their volume will increase to 600,000.

    Al Maktoum International Airport, located in the Dubai South area (near the exhibition venue), will take up a large share of the traffic flow.

    According to estimates recently published by Dubai Airports, the passenger traffic of DXB and Al Maktoum airports will reach 124 million people by 2023.