The amnesty for visa regime violators in the UAE


    The UAE announced a three-month amnesty for violators of the visa regime.

    The UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship launched the “Defend Yourself by Changing Your Status” media campaign, according to which within three months from August 1, violators of the visa regime will have the opportunity of leaving the country without fines or prosecution or legalizing their stay in the United Arab Emirates.

    For these purposes, 9 migration centers have been opened on the territory of the country, which operate on weekdays, from 8 AM to 8 PM.

    The visa amnesty period will last until October 31. Those who are on the territory of the UAE with expired tourist and resident visas, or have problems with employment, can leave the country or pay fines to legalize their stay.

    It should be noted that the offenders leaving the country will not be subject to a ban on entering the UAE in the future. And those who pay fines (the minimum penalty is 500 dirhams) and stay in the UAE will have an opportunity to find a legal job again, having received a temporary visa for 6 months.

    It is worth emphasizing that visa amnesty does not apply to persons on black lists or those prosecuted by law.

    If the violator leaves the country, he must visit the immigration center with a passport or document replacing him, as well as a ticket for the plane. A processing fee of AED 220 is charged for the issuance of an exit permit.

    At the same time, the violator must leave the country within 10 days after issuing the exit permit. If the applicant can not visit the visa center on his own, the immigration service may issue a travel permit based on a medical diagnosis or a letter from the consulate or embassy of the applicant’s country.

    So, violators of the visa regime can restore their legal status without paying fines or to leave the country without hindrance.

    In addition, most violators will not be blacklisted and will be able to travel to the UAE again for a new entry visa. Exception is made to persons illegally entering the country, for whom a two-year ban on visiting the country will be introduced.

    The last time such a visa amnesty was declared in the United Arab Emirates in 2013 for a period of two months, and it was used by 62 thousand illegal residents.