The changes in the judicial system of Dubai


    Dubai Courts has announced major reforms that will cut the duration of judicial proceedings by more than 90 per cent.

    In Dubai, the world’s first judicial system will soon be introduced, in which proceedings in all three courts – the court of first instance, the appeal and supreme courts – will take place simultaneously, rather than consistently. Such a unique system will reduce the total time required for all procedures for each case from 305 to 30 days. The “C3 Court” initiative was developed jointly with the Dubai Future Foundation. It will be implemented within the framework of the strategy “Dubai 10X”, aimed at ensuring a level of development of Dubai, in which it would be ahead of other cities for 10 years.

    All court proceedings will use modern technologies including electronic file and remote communication.

    With the new project, the Dubai Courts will be the first judicial organization in the world to unite all three levels of judicial review within a single department to make final judgments that can be executed immediately, thanks to modern simplified procedures. Thus, it will be possible to significantly shorten the time for consideration of each case. The working group engaged in the preparation of this project managed to optimize all the resources necessary for its implementation (administrative, human, logistical, technical and financial), and successfully implement the project taking into account the set deadlines.

    According to the Dubai Courts management, the new project will unite all three levels of litigation in a single court, in which three judges will preside, each representing a separate level. All procedures will use modern innovative technologies. The implementation of this project will shorten the time for trials, simplify all procedures, ensure control over the implementation of court decisions and reduce costs. The new concept is a solution to the problems that the courts faced because of the length of procedures and protracted litigation. “C3 Court” will simplify and speed up litigation. And they will not exceed a month in total.

    “C3 Court” is one of 26 initiatives within the framework of the “Dubai 10X” strategy, developed by the state authorities of Dubai. These 26 initiatives were selected by a group of experts and specialists after reviewing more than 160 ideas received from 26 bodies in less than a year. The implementation of the Dubai 10X initiative has a very positive impact on the development of the Dubai Courts, helps achieve strategic goals and competitiveness at the international level, and the creation of unique innovative ideas contribute to the development of public services and the strengthening of Dubai’s position on the world stage.