The first ecohotel ECOS in Dubai


    The first hotel in the Middle East under the ECOS brand will appear in Dubai.

    Ecohotel will be built in the developing area of ​​Dubai South. It is planned that the hotel will open the doors by the opening of World Expo 2020.

    This budget-conscious, eco-friendly ECOS hotel can be called one of the most exciting and forward-thinking properties expected to appear in the near future in Dubai.

    HMH – Hospitality Management Holding – has signed an agreement to manage its first hotel in the UAE under the ECOS brand. It is an environmentally friendly, high-tech facility. The hotel is aimed at LEED certification, the most effective in terms of resource consumption and paperless activities. Within the framework of the concept of environmental protection, the hotel will strive for rational consumption of water, electricity and minimal use of paper.

    In addition, HMH is currently considering the installation of solar panels.

    The hotel’s brand is built around the eco-conscious practices and will focus on efficiency and simplicity combined with design and technology.

    The hotel will have all the latest technologies and, of course, “stability” in terms of energy.

    The hotel will be located next to Dubai Trade Center – venue of World Expo 2020, AMIA International Airport and Dubai Logistics Center, DLC.

    Aboudi Asali, CEO of HMH, said that the hotel is also aimed at travelers looking for accommodation in the mid-price segment of the market during their stay in Dubai.

    The company is at the final planning stage and hopes to begin construction within the next three months.