The latest news of Dubai Police technologies


    The UAE are developing new systems to protect citizens and ensure their safety, applying the latest technology. 

    The Police of Dubai is forming a single “smart” network.

    The project will link CCTV cameras operating at the emirate to the police control room. It will help monitoring crimes in 3 sectors: transport, tourism and retail. They will support face recognition technology.

    Radars operating on Dubai roads will also be linked to the system. Even traffic violations can be monitored from the control room.

    The project called “Oyoon” [trans. – eyes] was created with the aim of preventing and reducing crime.

    The system will also help reduce traffic violations.

    The project gives opportunity to the police taking decisions more efficiently. The police wouldn’t need to be physically present at sites for monitoring and analysis. Thanks to artificial intelligence cameras can analyze what’s happening on video in real time without human intervention.

    How it works

    So, we have:

    – CCTV cameras and radars of Dubai linked to the police control room, using artificial intelligence
    – Sensors detecting crimes in progress
    – Cameras with the function of detecting faces
    – Possibility of monitoring traffic violations 24/7

    The Police of Dubai scanning what is going inside cars

    Artificial intelligence informing what is happening in car salon.

    Dubai police will soon have opportunity to use the service, allowing to monitor what is happening in the salons of cars and what the driver and passengers are doing.

    Innovation Com-iot Technologies will read the information using cameras installed on police patrol cars, and artificial intelligence will inform guards of order of what is
    happening inside other cars while driving.

    Thus, the police will be able to collect information about such violations as usage of mobile phones while driving, to see if the driver is eating or drinking, drives carelessly – and catch them in the stream to stop or fine.