The law against electronic cigarettes in the UAE


    As part of a large-scale campaign in the regions of Dubai, a total of seven retail shops selling electronic cigarettes and vapes were fined. Illegal goods were confiscated and destroyed.

    Municipal inspectors confiscated 30 electronic cigarettes from 11 outlets and 100 kg of tobacco packed without following the requirements of the law.

    This campaign confirms that the government has a strict position against smoking electronic cigarettes and vapes.

    The sale of electronic cigarettes is prohibited by law. For the first violation of the law, confiscation of goods and a warning can be made for stores selling vapes, electronic cigarettes and liquids to them, for a repeated violation of a trade stores will be fined of up to half a million dirhams.

    During the campaign in Dubai, the authorities confiscated 200 packages of flavored tobacco, as the packaging did not indicate the origin of the product or its ingredients, or there were no warning signs about the dangers of smoking, the presence of which is mandatory in accordance with the requirements of the law.

    On the black market in the UAE, electronic cigarettes with liquid fill can be find, which have been bought abroad and imported into the country.

    54 percent of those who tried electronic cigarettes said they did not consider them an equivalent replacement for conventional cigarettes.

    What is a vape?

    This is an electronic device for smoking, like an electronic cigarette. Manufacturers of the vape assure that this is a safe invention. The fact is that the vape does not work with smoke, but with steam.

    The composition of the smoking mixture includes nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, water, additives for flavoring. Vape can be without nicotine, but it does not make it less harmful for health.

    Why is it even more dangerous than a cigarette? Because it affects the lungs of people more strongly. If we talk about electronic cigarettes, they negatively affect the nervous system.

    Moreover, aromatic additives only accelerate the absorption of nicotine into the blood and thereby enhance its damaging effect.

    Another component of the smoking liquid is glycerol, which in large doses irritates the respiratory tract, leading to allergies. And propylene glycol harms the central nervous system.

    Vapors, their components irritate the upper and lower respiratory tract. The vapor contains aldehydes. These are chemical compounds, carcinogens. They provoke cancer.