The opportunities for tourism sector graduates


    The hotel business in the era of globalization and mass tourism is one of the most promising and rapidly developing sectors of the economy of many countries of the world. The UAE give great opportunities and can be called “number 1” in many different spheres of development. Education is not an exception. Let’s see why the students of The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (opened in 2011 in Dubai) work at Formula 1 tournaments and have the fastest professional career of qualified specialists in tourism and hotel business.

    Academic programs and equipment of the Academy have been recognized as of the highest international standards.

    The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management offers two main training programs:

    Bachelor of Management in International Hospitality Management [BBA].
    Master of Management in International Hospitality Management [MBA].

    The Academy of Hospitality Management is part of the Jumeirah Group, an international hotel management company that owns luxury hotels around the world. This gives the Academy students a great opportunity to have practice in first-class hotels in Dubai.

    Let’s indicate the main 5 reasons to choose Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management for your training:

    • The first diploma of this level in the region, which can be obtained in just 3 years
    • 6-month practice in the best hospitality companies
    • High demand for graduates of the Academy after graduation, offering great job opportunities
    • Qualifications recognized internationally
    • Accommodation in a campus near the legendary 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

    The Academy offers school graduates a unique opportunity to try themselves in the role of a student and to understand whether the training program is suitable for them or not. The “Student for One Day” program (absolutely free) includes:

    – lectures selected for the program participant;
    – consultations of teachers and administration;
    – participation in the activities of the Academy, if such are planned for the day;
    – communication with other students.
    – free accommodation for one/two nights;

    Becoming a “student for one day”, applicants will be able to decide for themselves whether the structure of the Academy and the form of education meets their requirements, whether they like the teaching staff and living conditions, and above all, whether the sphere of hotel business and tourism is the profession of their dreams. These and many other points are much easier to clarify when you are directly acquainted with the educational organization. To become an academy student for one day and acquire a unique experience can any entrant, interested in hotel and tourist business.

    It should be also added that the obtained education in this Academy allows working in any branch of the economy connected with the service and customer service. Graduates of the Academy of Hospitality Management work not only in hotels and restaurants, but also in banks, consulting companies and travel agencies, plan events, open their own businesses and become entrepreneurs.