The top 12 problems that only happen to you in Dubai


    Like filling up the gas, or positioning perfectly for an image with the Burj Khalifa, many things we will never learn.

    Visiting the astonishing city of Dubai for the first time would be mind-boggling.

    But that’s just for a while, because soon afterwards, you will encounter set of occurrences exclusive to Dubai. They happen no other place in the world.

    Below are the 12 problems you will face in Dubai when living there:


    1. Sundays aren’t weekends

    Unlike other parts of the world, the first work day isn’t Monday. Weekdays are Sundays to Thursdays.

    1. Outside boils and inside freezes

    All offices have ACs, and are freezing. Yet, outside is scorching and hot.

    1. Traffic wars are a constant

    When you urgently need a friend from Sharjah or Ajman, you appreciate the no-traffic cities better.

    1. You have too many best options

    From the world’s tallest tower to the tallest hotel, largest sweet shop, or driverless metro network, too many best alternatives are available.

    1. Construction noise precludes your sleep

    Dubai is the definition of “change is constant”. Frequent noise pollution is inevitable, with the endless emergence of construction activities on new sites.

    1. All famous malls look alike

    Mall store locators will always be required for easy identification of the shop you need; else you misplace yourself.

    1. Finding your car at the park

    With numerous cars and mostly similar ones, you better save an image of your parking spot, lest you toil for hours.

    1. Leaving behind your metro card

    Yes, everybody flops. But it costs you when you leave behind your metro card, because you then have to purchase a day-pass, and endure in long queues.

    1. No one knows how to pump the gas

    A typical UAE resident would say “I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to”, when asked to help pump petrol. Mostly attendants pump them.

    1. No best position for a picture of the Burj Khalifa

    You will try all pose styles, just to take a picture of the world’s tallest tower.

    1. All taps shed hot water

    Whichever tap you turn on, the running water would be hot.

    1. Overload of message cards

    Dozens of card-sized adverts from spars and massage parlours would be slid into your windows or under your car doors, just after a brief parking moment.