The UAE replenishes natural resources


    The Government of the UAE pays a great attention to many aspects of life and health of people of the UAE and the tourists, to the environment and the innovations leading to improvement of environmental conditions.

    The topic of replenishing natural resources is one of the most relevant at the UAE.

    So, United Arab Emirates actively replenished the reserves of mangrove resources over the past decades, as a result of which the UAE became the leader in it among the countries of the Persian Gulf.

    According to the report of the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, satellite imagery shows that the UAE has become the “home” for 50% of all mangroves growing in the region. Lately the volume of thickets has doubled.

    The Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment of the UAE reported that more than 30,000 mangroves will be planted in the coastal areas of the United Arab Emirates as part of the ecotourism development program 2017 – 2021.
    In addition, coral gardens will be created from 24 species of coral. The goal of the initiative is to prevent soil erosion and help restore the biodiversity of marine life. Thus, the Ministry contributes to the activities devoted to the Year of Zayed in the UAE.

    There is some information for the lovers of nature and entertainment at the open air.
    In the Emirate of Ajman you have an opportunity to go on a kayak tour among mangroves.

    Resort Al Zorah, located in the emirate of Ajman, launched in 2017 a new kind of entertainment for guests and tourists – water walks on kayaks along the lagoon among mangroves. The contractor for the organization of tours is the company Quest for Adventure.

    The first excursions started in September 2017 on the reserve, which is under the protection of the Ramsar Convention. Mangroves occupy a total area of one million square meters and are home to 120 species of animals and birds, including rare pink flamingos, as well as a variety of fish, shellfish and coral.

    You will be able to enjoy soon more entertainment at the water harbor of Al Zorah, including flying at seaplane, water sports, an outdoor fitness club, new restaurants and cafes.