TOP 5 AI projects of Dubai


    The UAE is one of the leaders in launching innovations in the world.
    The usage of Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) is actively developing in the UAE.
    In Dubai, the application of AI has been launched in several projects.

    In this article, we’ll talk about TOP 5 AI projects of Dubai.

    1. One of the newest projects from TOP 5 AI projects of Dubai is the first journalist with artificial intelligence named Tamara.                                                                                The first in the region, a journalist with artificial intelligence named Tamara was presented at the Arab Media Forum in Dubai. Tamara will soon join the channel Al Arabiya News Channel.

    Robot-journalist is able to scan information from six thousand websites and read over 23 thousand articles, opinions and comments on social networks in milliseconds. Tamara is trained to collect news, analyze facts and present information in different formats.

    Among the abilities of the robot is the rapid detection of false news using a sophisticated algorithm for checking and comparing information. It can also place emphasis and identify the most valuable information, which facilitates greately the investigation of journalists. “The process is based on the evaluation of the interests of the audience, as well as on the statistics of requests and discussions of this or that information,” Tamara specified.

    2. This week, it was announced that the world’s first musical theme song “Ode to Dubai”, presented at the Future Technology Forum, was composed by artificial intelligence. It was created of 30,000 pieces of music composed by great musicians, including Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. It sounds like some classical work of 18th century. This is the world’s first personalized anthem of the city.

    3. Artificial Intelligence technology in Dubai is being introduced into government structures to work with documents and calls to make life easier for people. And we include it in TOP 5 AI projects of Dubai.
    Smart Dubai Office with the help of new technologies improves call centers, as well as document processing centers. Since AI easily maintains a sequence of actions and does not make errors, this will significantly improve the quality of service.

    4. Artificial intelligence was introduced in October 2017 in the Dubai Emirates NBD bank. Eva is the first computer assistant in the Middle East to understand human speech.
    Eve understands natural human speech and, depending on the questions, tries to give the most appropriate answers and recommendations.

    5. Launch of the artificial intelligence service Saad once again proved that Dubai is an ideal business hub for large international corporations and start-ups. This service, developed on the basis of the IBM Watson program within the framework of the Smart Dubai project with the participation of the Dubai Department for Economic Development (DED), offers individuals and legal entities real-time advice on licensing, registration and other procedures related to the creation and conduct of business In Dubai.
    Thus, to open a business in Dubai is easier: the new service Saad allows to get answers to all questions relating to registration and licensing in a split second.
    The new service is part of the comprehensive policy of the authorities to develop entrepreneurship, which allows foreign businesses to gain access to all the advantages of Dubai as one of the world’s financial centers.

    The Smart Dubai project cooperates with partners from the private and public sectors and is constantly looking for innovative solutions that will improve the quality of life in Dubai and make Dubai an even more modern, efficient, safe and convenient city for its residents and guests.