TOP5 new unusual attractions of the UAE


    1. A new art object Rain Room, or the hall of eternal rain, was opened in the Emirate of Sharjah. 1200 liters of purified water, providing the effect of tropical rainfall, circulates in the room with an area of 1460 sq. meters.

    The international company Random International is the author of the project . Previously, similar projects were implemented in London, New York, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

    Getting into the room, visitors pass through the rain wall, but remain dry due to the sensory system’s response to movement.

    2. American artist Janet Echelman created a new installation called ‘1.78’ over the Dubai fountain, in the heart of Dubai.

    The installation above the fountain is dedicated to the earthquake in Chile on February 27, 2010: Earth began to rotate by 1.78 milliseconds faster from the impact and the light day was reduced.

    The installation took 124 km of red, orange and purple polyethylene fabric, of which 600 thousand knots were tied. This fabric is 15 times stronger than steel.

    3. The first in the UAE flooded 5D-cinema called Cinesplash will be open in the water park Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi. It will guarantee the audience the effect of immersion in the film. The cinema will tell the story of “The Legend of the Lost Pearl”, devoted to the emirate traditions of pearl crafts.

    The main character of the film Dana will make the way through the sands of Abu Dhabi to save the mother-pearl. The film will be supplemented by such effects as water splashes, rains, waterfalls, fountains, shooting from water pistols, etc.

    In addition, guests will have an opportunity to feel the vibrating of chairs, fog on the floor, wind gusts and tickling during their visit to the cinema. The water level will be 45-50 cm. The Cinesplash is being prepared for the opening in June.

    4. Theme Park Warner Bros. World opened its’ doors for the first guests on April 18, 2018, in Abu Dhabi. Miral, the creator of the site, informed that the opening of the park will take place on July 25, 2018. Tickets are already on sale.

    In this entertainment center on the island of Yas attractions and restaurants, inspired by the stories and characters of the DC Universe and Warner Bros. Animation are collected.

    5. The opening of the luxury hotel in the legendary liner Queen Elizabeth 2.

    After a major reconstruction, the legendary Queen Elizabeth 2 liner was opened in Dubai, but already at the status of a unique floating luxury hotel.

    The test discovery of Queen Elizabeth 2, the history of which lasts more than five decades, was held on April, 18

    There are now 5 restaurants open out of 13 on the deck of Queen Elizabeth 2. Visitors can also visit the QE2 Heritage Exhibition, an interactive exhibition dedicated to the period of maximum liner popularity in the 1960s.

    The floating hotel is moored in Port Rashid.

    This is one of Dubai’s most anticipated projects, and many are eagerly awaiting for the opportunity to see the ship for the first time or to board a ship that has created so many wonderful memories over 40 years of voyage.

    In the premises of the hotel occupying 13 decks of the cruise liner, the guests will discover old furniture, historical canvases and many other things of the time when the ship was the official maritime transport of the reigning Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II.

    The hotel has various apartments, the best of which are two royal rooms. It is possible to stay there only by invitation. In addition to luxurious bedrooms, they have private verandas, greenhouses and dining rooms.

    The grand opening of Queen Elizabeth 2 will take place in October.