Transfer to 2021 in Dubai right now


    The EXPO -2020 in Dubai is expected to be one of the most remarkable events in the history.

    Millions of people from all over the world are planning to visit it. And the UAE is making a lot of efforts in preparation for this special event. It is reflected in different spheres of development of the country. It is obvious that there will be a lot of things able to amaze and surprise!

    But the development of the UAE as a whole will not stop after it. In 2021 the UAE residents will celebrate the golden anniversary of their homeland – 50 years since the foundation. Therefore, for the holiday, a number of major initiatives will be implemented, starting with Vision 2021, a long-term development strategy that should turn the UAE into one of the best countries of the world.

    By 2021, the plan of the National Innovation Strategy, according to which the UAE will become one of the most innovative countries of the world, must also be implemented. By this time more eco-friendly houses and cars working on solar energy should appear. Even underwater dwellings will be built. The completion of futuristic vacuum train projects and private suborbital flights is also expected.

    Meanwhile, the strategy of Dubai Plan 2021 is aimed at the natural and architectural assets of the city, as well as on the living conditions of residents and visitors of the city as a whole. It covers 6 topics that make up the vision of Dubai in 2021. They include such elements as People: “City of happy, creative and inspired people”, Place: “Smart and ecological city” and Experience: “The best place for life, career and recreation.”

    Finally, in 2021, the strategy Dubai Health Strategy, which goal is to provide medical services of the highest quality of patients with chronic diseases and to develop a culture of early diagnosis, should be implemented.
    Is it worth to INVEST IN A STRONGLY DEVELOPING REGION? The answer is obvious!

    Based on the previous experience of Dubai and the UAE in achieving seemingly impossible tasks, there is no doubt that the country will fulfill and overfulfill all these plans. Considering what will be done across the country, just think about what it means for investors!

    Already today we observe a steady growth of tourism and hotel industries, as well as the development of infrastructure throughout Dubai and beyond, which already brings a good profit to the owners of real estate. And we can not wait to see what awaits us in the future.