Where to go on National Day


    Celebrations dedicated to the 46th anniversary of the formation of the United Arab Emirates are taking place these days in Sharjah and will end on December 3.

    Concerts, cultural events, free excursions, sports competitions, aviation shows,  entertainment for children, tasting of traditional dishes – all these are the part of the program of celebrating the National Day of the UAE.

    The holiday itself is on December 2, but solemn events in many cities of Sharjah began a few days earlier. So, every day from 29 November to 3 December in the capital of the emirate, you can visit musical programs, dance performances of local artists, and also go on a free tour to the renovated amusement park.

    From 29 November to 2 December in the city of Kalba on the East coast of the emirate there are performances of local groups with folk dances to the accompaniment of drums and competitions on traditional boats.

    On November 29, an air show was held in Al Badaeh settlement, located in the central part of the emirate, accompanied by a concert of a brass band.

    On the same day, in the city of Al Dade a new cultural and ethnographic village began to function. And the Culture and Sports Club, located here, organized a series of interactive classes for children and adults.

    Numerous fireworks will complete the celebration of this great national holiday.