Dubai as the world’s center of ecotourism


    Dubai announced the launching of “National Ecotourism Project” as a result of which the Emirates are expected to become one of the world’s leading destinations for ecotourism.

    Ecotourism allows to get to know the local flora and fauna more closely, without damaging the environment. Dubai desert reserve, spread out on the vast expanses of the desert, offers fascinating excursions and relaxation at the famous eco-resort Al Maha Desert Resort. Next to Dubai is the Ras Al Khor reserve, where you can enjoy the pink flamingos.

    The task of the “National Ecotourism Project” is the promotion of a growing portfolio of ecotourism facilities in the UAE. The process will take place in three phases, with a focus on environmental, economic and social development.

    The first stage includes an advertising campaign on the topic “Wonders of nature of the UAE”, telling about 43 protected natural sites of the country.

    At the next stages of the project, eco-tourism will be promoted, including eco-friendly flights, hotels, beaches and camping in the UAE.

    The share of the UAE protected areas in relation to the common land is one of the most significant in the world. On average, the protected natural areas of 130 countries of the world occupy only 5% of the land. However, in the UAE, the share of protected areas is 14%.

    An important addition to the list of protected areas of the UAE is the Marmoom Reserve, occupying more than 10% of the emirate.

    The reserve is home to many endangered species of animals and birds, and also an important object for education, tourism, recreation and informing the public about environmental problems.

    The territory of the reserve is inhabited by the largest number of flamingos from all desert territories of the Emirates – up to 500 individuals.

    There is also an archaeological monument of Saruq Al Hadid, which is 3000 years old.

    Kennel is an educational center for schoolchildren, students, researchers and scientists.

    “The” National Ecotourism Project “reflects the desire of the UAE to save the environment.

    It should be noted that a special site and application for tablets and smartphones is planned to be launched which will serve as an information and visual resource that UAE will be able to use as representations in various countries.

    As the most popular destination in the UAE among foreign tourists, Dubai will play a leading role in promoting ecotourism in the Emirates. In 2017, Dubai was visited by more than 15.8 million visitors (+ 6.6%, compared to the previous year), and in 2020, when the emirate will host the World Exhibition, this figure should reach 20 million tourists.

    Environmental protection is a key component of Expo 2020, which will be held from October 2020 to April 2021 on a special site, where environmentally friendly technologies with neutral carbon emissions are used.