Dubai as an example of sustainable development


With the publication of a new study, Dubai once again proved that it is a model of sustainable urban development in the Arab world.

The amazing transformation of Dubai into the first global city of the Middle East attracted the attention of news publications and aroused great interest among investors.

The city adheres to the principles of economic and environmental sustainability in all sectors.

Most of the investment in this area is directed to the construction sector in Dubai, as evidenced by the new Sustainable Development Report published by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) in conjunction with the Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment of the United Arab Emirates (MOCCAE).

The report, issued during the 6th World Governmental Summit held in Dubai from 11 to 13 February, was prepared in accordance with the protocol of intent signed by DLD, MOCCAE and representatives of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

According to the report, Dubai is positioned as an example of sustainable development in the Arab world.

The responsibility for introducing principles of environmental protection and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the economy of the UAE lies not only with the government, but with society and organization as a whole. The government is interested in attracting investments in this area by creating an attractive investment environment, legislative and regulatory framework, management principles, and by encouraging cooperation between private and public companies and relevant international organizations.

The report is based on a study conducted by specialists in sustainable development in the Arab world for 14 months.

This research is also important for the future of the UAE and its population.

The challenges require working in cooperation for achieving rational and environmentally friendly solutions that will help to cope with the dangers that lie behind the excessive use of resources and the pollution of ecosystems. In this regard, the UAE have resort to the principles of sustainable urban development. The new standards introduced in the construction industry of the emirate, as well as innovative systems based on the principles of sustainable development helped to achieve this goal.

The report became a new model in the field of sustainable development research in the real estate sector, as it first presented information on ecological buildings and sustainable development of the real estate sector in the region. The report is published in Arabic and English. It became the basis for professionals and researchers for making conclusions and recommendations.