India-Dubai cooperation


Indians are one of the largest groups of investors in Dubai, and the relationships between India and the UAE are strengthening more and more with every year.

A strong relationship between Dubai and India is one of the longest and most successful in the region. Trade between them was developed long before the creation of the UAE, but in recent decades, this cooperation has reached unprecedented heights. It is expected that the trade turnover between the UAE and India will be $ 100 billion by 2020.

Indians make up Dubai’s largest expatriate group.

Only in the fourth quarter of 2017, Indian expats transferred $ 4 billion from Dubai to India. In addition, there are representative offices of 26,000 Indian companies in the UAE, and another 42,000 companies registered in the emirate are owned and run by Indian citizens who do not live on its territory.

So, Indians and their businesses are an important part of Dubai society.
1.2 million Indian tourists visited Dubai in 2017.

In addition, India is constantly among the five largest sources of foreign direct investment in Dubai. The fact is that $ 7.45 billion out of $ 10.3 billion of foreign direct investment received by the UAE in 2017, was sent to Dubai.

Over the period 2013 – 2017, Indian investors made transactions totaling 83.65 billion dirhams.

In an effort to make even greater use of this unprecedented level of activity, Dubai FDI focuses on India to attract more investment from the fastest growing Asian country.

Recently, Dubai FDI held field presentations in several major cities in India.

The target audience of the events were investors and companies specializing in financial services, real estate and construction, healthcare, technology development, tourism and hospitality, and others.

The presentations demonstrated Dubai’s growing reputation as the most important business center of the Middle East. The investors’ interest in Dubai is higher than ever.

The exhibitions demonstrated both the legal and commercial infrastructure available to foreign investors in Dubai.

These events have had a fantastic effect. And it is expected that this platform will further strengthen bilateral relations and help stimulate the exchange of capital, ideas and knowledge in the direction of India-Dubai.