The best transport infrastructure of the world


The government of the UAE pays great attention to the development of road and transport infrastructure, necessary due to the rapid population growth, the forthcoming international exhibition World Expo 2020 in Dubai, and the positioning of Dubai as a center for commercial activity.

The transport infrastructure of the UAE is recognized as one of the best in the world. Emirate tracks are named the best due to the complex infrastructure projects implemented in this country in accordance with the highest international standards. The availability of a developed road network, appropriate technical mechanisms, as well as support of standards and the provision of favorable conditions for the development of an international trading network in the country were among the main indicators of quality. The quality of roads, ports, railway and air transport infrastructure was assessed.

The transport system of the UAE has reached a new level in recent years and remains the most advanced in the Middle East.

The project of expanding the Dubai metro, carried out by the Road and Transport Authority of the Emirate (RTA), was recognized as the most expensive project ever implemented in the country. The cost of its implementation is $ 14.35 billion.

New metro lines equipped with seven additional stations will allow residents and guests of the emirate to reach easily the venue of the international exhibition World Expo 2020.

Among the grandiose projects that are realized on the territory of the country and create considerable advantages for foreign investors, it is worth noting the railway Etihad Rail.

The project is the construction of not only a railway, but also a whole system of accompanying infrastructure elements: warehouses, distribution points and railway stations located in close proximity to the most important transport hubs and warehouses in the UAE, including the Mussafah industrial zone, the Jebel Ali free zone, as well as ports.

According to a new report published by the authoritative analytical company Knight Frank, Dubai ranks third in the ranking of cities with the best transport infrastructure.

In the company’s study, the Hub Report compared seven major cities in the world in terms of the efficiency of their transport infrastructure, logistics and the industrial sector.

The government of Dubai has invested billions in the transport infrastructure, so that it could support the economic growth of the city as a whole and the development of industry in particular.

From 2007 to 2017 the industrial sector in Dubai increased by 10.7% compared to Hong Kong (42.0%), Singapore (59.6%) and Shanghai (85.8%).

However, according to the report, thanks to the development of infrastructure in the next decade, the industrial activity of the emirate will grow by 57.4%.

Analysts at Knight Frank noted the quality of Dubai’s aviation infrastructure, which ranked third in this indicator and lost only to China and the United States.

According to the level of development of seaports, the emirate took the fourth place.

The United Arab Emirates is a highly developed state that has managed to implement large-scale national projects. The ability to combine centuries-old traditions and advanced scientific and technical experience provided the Emirates with a high level of development and a stable national economy. The UAE transport system has not become an exception and is developing along with other economic sectors of the state.