Charity from the richest people of the UAE


Three major businessmen from the UAE were among the 14 philanthropists who this year joined the “Giving Pledge”, launched by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett. Together, they call upon the wealthiest benefactors of the world to donate half of their wealth during their lifetime or bequeath their fortune to charity.

Among the philanthropists are Badr Jafar, CEO of Crescent Enterprises and President of Crescent Petroleum, as well as founder of NMC Health, founder of UAE Exchange Birch Shetty and Founder and Managing Director of VPS Healthcare Shamsheer Vayalil. Other philanthropists live in the US, Canada and India.

Shetty stated that “it’s a crime to be able to help other people and not want to do it.”

To date, 183 people from 22 countries have subscribed to the Dowry Oath.

“Over the past eight years we have been inspired by philanthropists who decided to join the Giving Pledge, and those joining this year are no exception,” Warren Buffett said in a statement.

Other philanthropists from the Persian Gulf region who joined the Giving Pledge earlier are the founders of GEMS Education, Sobha Group, Abraaj and Prince Al-Walid.

“This commitment is without borders. Commitment to all mankind, “said the prince in this regard.

Shamsheer Vayalil is one of the richest people on Earth, the founder of the network of hospitals, pharmacies and clinics of VPS Healthcare. His fortune is estimated at US $ 1.5 billion. His stepson is Yusuf Ali, owner of the LuLu hypermarket chain.

Dr. BR Shetty owns financial conglomerate Finablr, which includes the networks of UAE Exchange, Travelex and Xpress Money, and is also the owner of the NMC Healthcare network. His wealth is estimated at US $ 4.1 billion.

Badr Jafar is the head of the family business of Crescent Enterprises, which, in particular, includes the oil giant Crescent Petroleum. He is also the author of the “Pearl Initiative”, launched in 2010 and aimed at improving the transparency of corporations.