UAE in the world ranking of Digital Competitiveness


The UAE took the 17th place in the World Ranking of Digital Competitiveness for 2018, published by the World Competitiveness Analysis Center of the International Institute for Management Development.

At the same time, the result of the UAE turned out to be the best among the states of the Arab world. It should be said that the UAE showed better results to one position in many large and less significant indicators in 2018.

It is also worth to note the best index of the UAE in the world in the category “Flexibility of the business sector”, as well as the third place in the category “Regulatory base for IT sphere” and the fourth position in the category “Accessibility of skills”. The UAE is on the second place in terms of such indicators as “Access to qualified foreign specialists”, “Cybersecurity” and “Flexibility of companies’ work.”

According to experts, the high position of the UAE in international ratings this year is connected with the decision to create a smart government and improve public services.

In accordance with the government’s plans, the UAE approved an innovative policy aimed at developing cooperation between private individuals and the state, as well as federal and local authorities.

The Director General of the Telecommunications Authority highly appreciated the role of the government, as well as federal and local bodies, in achieving these goals and implementing plans related to the sustainable development of the technology sector, infrastructure, regulatory framework, skills and interaction between individuals and organizations. He also noted that today technologies play a key role in the successful implementation of plans for the economic and social development of developed economies.

Director General of the Federal Agency for Competitiveness and Statistics, emphasized the importance of modern technologies for maintaining the competitiveness of countries and economies. He also added that the efforts of the UAE aimed at developing and improving the technological infrastructure, supporting educational initiatives and improving the skills of IT staff, and developing research and development, guarantee the leading role of the state in the IT and telecommunications industries in the international arena. Thanks to this, the state is one of the world’s leading economies based on knowledge and principles of competition.