Digital car plates in Dubai


It looks like Dubai will be the first to decide on the “digitization” of car registration numbers: the corresponding project will be launched in the test mode next month, after which a decision will be made to serial introduction of the numbers. Digital numbers have a lot of advantages over metal plates.

The new technology is called Tag To Connect, and it is positioned as a much more convenient alternative to the usual metal license plates, Khaleej Times reports with reference to the head of the department of registration of vehicles of Dubai Abdullah Al Marzuki. The device is a digital display that resembles a regular license plate number to which the registration number of the car is displayed.

With such numbers, Dubai motorists will not have to come to the local transport department every year in order to prolong the registration of the car – it will be renewed automatically. In addition, if desired, the car number can easily be changed – again, without visiting the department. To do this, it will be sufficient to use a special application or to apply for a change of number via the Internet.

Another interesting feature of the new license plates is the automatic notification of theft. If someone attempts to steal a car or registration plate, the message “Stolen” appears on the display.

Moreover, the program potential of new license plates extends far beyond their main function. With the help of these numbers, cars can “communicate” with each other, exchanging information about the traffic situation. All this information will be transferred to a single data center of the transport department, giving the most complete picture of the traffic situation in the city. The same numbers can be used as transponders to pay parking lots or toll roads.

Tests of new license plates began in Dubai in May this year and will last until November. In addition to the quality of the signs, the developers will check their reliability and ability to withstand a variety of conditions of daily operation.