Dubai records


United Arab Emirates is a country of records. They exist practically in all spheres: in construction, economy, technology, society.

Dubai Records

Internet resource Expedia has included Dubai in the top three most popular tourist destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for the 1st quarter, 2018. The first place was taken by London, the second – by Paris, the third – by Dubai.

According to the Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing of Dubai, the total volume of tourist flow increased by 2% compared to the first quarter of 2017 – up to 4.7 million international tourists. In particular, Dubai was visited by 617 thousand tourists from India and 259 thousand from Russia (an increase of 106%).

Dubai offers 108,807 rooms in 689 hotels and apart-hotels for its guests. The emirate also has more than 60 shopping complexes, as well as popular theme parks. In 2020, Dubai expects to have more than 20 million tourists.

Dubai is a city with architecture, demonstrating the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress.

Dubai has the world’s largest skyscraper on the world – the tower of the Burj Khalifa complex, 828 m high with the world’s highest viewing platform at the 124th floor.

Dubai also boasts its automated metro system, which is considered the longest on the planet – its length is 75 km. All subway routes are fully automated, so there is no need for drivers.

Despite the desolate climate in Dubai, a magnificent park of flowers (the largest in the worlds) has been created.

Dubai has many records in cooking. Making “the world’s largest dish” has already become a kind of tradition. The UAE was inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records for its culinary achievements more than 10 times.

The UAE reasonably has the unofficial title of the most amazing, progressive and ambitious country in the region of Africa and the Middle East. Today, probably, no one can accurately say how many world records were made on its territory, how many of them were recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Some sources say that the UAE was mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records 190 times!

So, the UAE seek to be the best in everything: in construction, economics, technology, etc, constantly developing innovative projects. And of course we are always waiting impatiently for new fantastic records of the UAE and Dubai.