Get an education at the prestigious University of Dubai


Emirates Aviation University (EAU), Dubai, announced scholarships ( 50 grants) for senior students applying for bachelor’s degree programs in business and engineering programs.

The scholarship program is available to secondary school students from all over the world (with the indicator of more than 90% during schooling in secondary school), who are eager to continue the training in business and engineering at EAU. Using the grant, the cost of the annual tuition fee can be reduced to 50%.

Candidates are required to submit an application on the EAU website. After confirmation, they can apply to the admissions committee for consideration of the candidate for the grant. The application should be submitted before July 15, 2018, and the winners will be determined in July and August 2018.

The annual scholarship is renewed at the discretion of EAU, but the student must maintain the arithmetic mean of the grades at 3.5 or higher to qualify for the grant next year.

“We are happy to announce this scholarship and are very happy that we can help more people achieve their goals in education every year,” said Dr. Ahmad Al Ali, vice-rector of the University.

The grant program is one more step to support the development of students by providing them with the means to achieve opportunities. These scholarships will have a significant impact on the professional and personal life of young people for many years.

EAU has a number of other educational programs. One of them – The Chancellor Scholarship – allows graduates and those who have not completed their studies yet to receive a grant for a 100-percent tuition payment.