Important news from the UAE airports


Etihad Airways introduces the service of transporting supercars.

Transportation of supercars around the world has become easier with the launch of the new FlightValet service from the cargo and logistics division of Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi.

The service, of course, will be a pleasant addition to the trip for car enthusiasts from the UAE, who prefer to take their cars abroad with them for comfortable travel.

According to Etihad, the FlightValet program is serviced by a special team, which ensures that the delivery is quick and safe.

FlightValet is also focused on high-speed ride enthusiasts who want to take their cars to test on the tracks, for example, on the track of Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi.

About luggage

Emirates Airline, the national carrier of the UAE, introduces the procedure of reinforced inspection of hand luggage of passengers traveling in a number of directions. In particular, the new verification rules have already come into force for those who travel to / from Australia and New Zealand, as well as to / from the US.

Bulk products such as flour, spices, coffee, milk powder or cosmetics – in containers of not more than 350 ml, can be subjected to a more thorough inspection or be confiscated at Dubai airports. This rule came into force on June 20.

For passengers traveling to the USA: the bulk goods mentioned above are not allowed to be carried in hand luggage. Baby food, medicines with prescription, and human ashes are not under restrictions.

Bulk substances purchased in duty-free shops are allowed in branded closed packages with a check.

Home baggage registration

It is worthy to remind, that in April, the Emirates Airline launched a system of home baggage registration for flights departing from Dubai. The service is available in any district of Dubai for passengers of all classes.

Now there is no need to carry heavy suitcases to the airport – the airline agent arrives at home, at the hotel or office, weighs and marks the baggage, then takes it and issues a boarding pass for the passenger. The luggage will be delivered directly to the flight, and the passenger will be able to arrive at the airport lightly and go to passport control, bypassing the check-in counter.

The cost of the service is 350 dirhams (US $ 100) for 7 baggage places, the additional cost of each subsequent seat is another 35 dirhams (US $ 10). The service can be booked on the official website of the airline already 12 hours before the flight.