New rules for electronic media at the UAE


The UAE introduced new rules for electronic media

Electronic media in the UAE are required to have licenses. Otherwise, they will be fined or forced to close.

Today, electronic media has become a very influential and popular tool, so now it is important to ensure their reliability. The digital sector is one of the fastest growing in the Middle East region, especially video, games and digital books. The creation of a regulatory environment for this sector will help attract new foreign investment, which in turn will contribute to its development and increase of competitiveness.

The National Media Council presented a number of regulatory documents regulating online activities, including electronic commerce, publications, the sale of printed, video and audio materials, as well as advertising.

Under the new rules, electronic media, print-on-demand publishers, as well as companies engaged in commercial activities in social networks of the UAE, must first obtain a mediation in the National Media Council, which will give them the right to conduct business in the country. In addition, those who earn the promotion of brands and companies on social networks, should also have a medialisation.

The purpose of the new rules is to assist the UAE media sector in the development of electronic media, to promote the enrichment and structuring of content, and to ensure compliance with media religious, cultural and social norms of the UAE. At the same time, the authorities are trying to maintain freedom of expression and constructive dialogue.

New practical principles should provide a balanced and trustworthy media content that respects the right to privacy, and reflects the authorities’ desire to protect the audience, and especially children, from negative or harmful information.

According to the National Media Council, the new rules are part of the Council’s plan to formulate and develop a progressive legislative and regulatory environment for the media sector in the UAE, which would correspond to all technical findings that have recently changed the media.

Earlier, the Media Council published an age classification of media content, which obliged relevant bodies to classify publications, video games, films and other materials, depending on the age group. This is done to preserve the social values ​​and cultural heritage of the UAE, as well as to protect the children’s audience from negative influences.

Organizations not subject to new rules

The websites of such traditional media as newspapers, TV channels, radio stations and magazines that already have licenses are not required to receive a new license. New rules also do not apply to the websites of government agencies, schools and universities.