New speed regime at Abu Dhabi


Since August 12, motorists who have exceeded the speed limit on the roads of Abu Dhabi, even for 1 km, will be fined. Police Abu Dhabi canceled the high-speed buffer in 20 km.

The decision to change the speed regime was made not accidentally, but after a number of scientific studies, which concerned the behavior of road users under the current speed buffer rule and without it. Some countries have achieved outstanding results in improving road safety after carrying out similar studies.

At present, drivers are fined only if the speed limit is exceeded by 20 km.

The goal of the Abu Dhabi police is to ensure road safety and reduce the number of road accidents, injuries and deaths.

The Abu Dhabi police undertakes all kinds of measures to ensure the safety of all road users in the capital and urges all motorists to be extremely attentive, not to violate the high-speed regime, not to use mobile phones, to maintain distance.

In January, the Abu Dhabi police released data indicating that in 2017, drivers in Abu Dhabi were fined 4.6 million fines, most of which relate to speeding.

Violation of the speed limit takes the top line, accounting for about 80% of the total.

Judging by the statistics of past years, the number of fines issued for speeding increases with each passing year. So, in 2016, 3.7 million fines were issued, in 2017 – 3.8 million.

The police of Abu Dhabi took a number of technical measures aimed at encouraging motorists to comply with the speed limits.

It is important to note that the speed limits on the two main routes of Abu Dhabi will not change.

The police noted that currently on the tracks are installed new signs, which are marked by the maximum speed limits: for example, if the sign indicates a limit of 80 km/h, the radar will record an excess when driving at a speed of 81 km/h and the driver will be fined.

Thus, drivers do not have to move 20 km slower: if today there is a speed limit sign at 60 km/h on the route, then from August 12 the maximum permissible speed on this site will be 80 km/h, etc. The police will also launch an extensive information campaign informing about the changes in the rules of all road users.