The Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme


For the sale or distribution of children’s car seats, certification and a quality mark are now required to prove compliance with the standards set in the UAE.

According to the authorities, children’s car seats are not allowed to be sold at the UAE without a certificate confirming that the car seat meets government standards.

In July 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers of the UAE issued Resolution No. 27 of 2017, which entered into force in March 2018. In accordance with this resolution, all vendors and suppliers must obtain a certificate of compliance in the Office of Standardization and Metrology of the UAE.

The aim of the resolution is to ensure the safety and reliability of goods, as well as their compliance with international standards. To do this, companies must work with approved models. Producers and sellers must also provide the necessary documentation that would prove that the product meets all the requirements that the authorities put forward. One of the most important requirements for manufacturers is the need to provide the sellers with instructions and accompanying documents in Arabic and English, and also to attach instructions to each item of the product.

The innovations also concern the standards for the installation and operation of goods. The new rules will also help to improve the quality of goods sold in the country, as well as to strengthen the national economy, in particular, its industrial and trade sectors.

What is the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme?

The Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS) indicates requirements for the quality and safety of a number of consumer goods. The ECAS Certificate of Conformity is proof that the product has been approved by the Federal Government of the UAE, represented by the Authority for Standardization and Metrology.

The Emirate program – The Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme – for assessing the conformity of goods was established under the Authority of Standardization and Metrology, in accordance with Federal Law No. 28 of 2001. Certificates of conformity are issued by the Department of Standardization and Metrology to importers and distributors in the UAE, after assessing the goods for compliance with UAE quality standards. Both manufacturers and sellers must receive certificates of conformity.