The phone usage while driving will cost you Dh800


The transport system of Dubai allows to travel around the city and the emirate quickly and comfortably.

Thanks to a well thought-out traffic organization, the traffic situation in Dubai is much safer than usual in the Arab countries, and sometimes in some European countries.

In the United Arab Emirates there is a network of magnificent free expressways. They are quite wide, asphalt coating of excellent quality. On roads there is a marking, road signs of the international standard, clear pointers in two languages Arabic and English. All roads are illuminated at night, have fencing or bumpers all over.

In Dubai, a new traffic management system is being developed. It will automatically inform drivers about the traffic conditions on various sections of the roads in Dubai. This should make it easier for motorists to choose the optimal traffic routes and avoid getting into traffic jams.

Using mobiles while driving can lead to accidents at the road. So the police pays a special attention to this problem. Khaleej Times has learned
there has been a 13 per cent decrease in violations of mobile usage while driving.
Since July 1, new road fines had come into effect in Dubai, according to which speeding fees had risen, with one exception: the speed penalty for no more than 20 km / h is 300 dirhams (US $ 82) instead of 500 dirhams (US $ 135), accrued earlier. This was reported by Dubai police.

According to statistics revealed by the Directorate of Traffic and Patrols at Abu Dhabi Police, traffic violations of mobile usage have dropped by 13 per cent from July to October this year, in comparison with the same period of 2016.
Decrease in violations is a result of the awareness raised about road safety and road rules in the emirate and of efforts in promoting traffic culture and intensify traffic control. Raising awareness about the dangers of mobile usage while driving and its severe impact on the focus of drivers has helped decrease the number of accidents.

The phone usage while driving is widely linked to the reasons why motorists drive through red lights as well as one of the main reasons to traffic accidents that have led to severe injuries and even death.
Authorities have zero tolerance to the dangerous habit and drivers caught using mobile phones will receive a Dh800 fine, as well as four black points.

In Dubai there is a buffer of 20 km / h between the established speed limit and the speed at which the radar is “charged”. The Dubai police reported that this buffer is preserved: thus, if a limit of 80 km / h is set on the track, the radar will still operate at a speed of 101 km / h (however, on some routes the radars are charged at a lower speed). The maximum penalty for speeding is now 3000 dirhams – when driving at 80 km / h faster than the established limit.

Among the rules are the transportation of children under four in child seats, the use of seat belts, an increase in the term of confiscation of cars for a number of violations and the amount of penalty points. Penalties for the use of mobile phones during traffic increased 4-fold – from 200 to 800 dirhams. Drivers who jump on the red light risk being left without a car for 60 days and pay a 2000 dirhams fine (+23 penalty points).

So, the violation of traffic rules in the UAE is fraught with very large fines. However, in October 2017, one of the residents of the country broke a kind of a record. For several violations he has to pay an astronomical sum of 1 million dirhams. This is about 272 thousand dollars. As reported, radar recorded repeated violations of the motorist, including the excess of the permissible speed. According to statistics, a fine of 272 thousand dollars is the absolute record of the UAE. The previous record of the country was 250 thousand dirhams.