The ways of protection from summer heat in Dubai


A real summer heat came to the shore of the Arab Emirates and the humidity level is approaching the absolute. How to avoid overheating, protect your home and car?

In the daytime, the outdoor temperature in Dubai reaches 50C. In the period from 12.00 to 15.00 it is recommended not to go out. Try to stay in a cool room with air conditioning and drink more water. Eat light, cool, easy-to-digest foods such as fruit or salads.

Showering: Increase your number of shower. It helps to keep your body cool and avoid exhaustion as well. Spending quality time in swimming pool or on beach once sun is set will give you a big relief in this hot season.

Sheltering: City is quite clever in reducing the heat influence on its residents. Air-conditioned oases are found everywhere from your home, to your office, to the shopping malls, to the public transport, to your car.

What to do with the car:

– Tint windows (now allowed up to 50% of toning)
– Keep the windows ajar a few millimeters to avoid overheating
– Remove all combustible materials from the vehicle
– Cover the seats with light cloth covers (leather and dark materials attract more sunlight)

DO NOT leave children or animals in a parked car, even with the engine running! After 20 minutes the machine will turn into a hot oven, and the conditions in it will be incompatible with life!
DO NOT leave electronic devices and batteries in the car – they will melt!
DO NOT use aerosols and lighters in the cabin. Remove the napkins and even bottles of water from the torpedo.
CONTROL tire pressure and tire condition.

If you are going on vacation:

The Dubai Municipality issued instructions for residents of the emirate on how to protect an apartment or villa from a fire during summer holidays.

– Throw out all the garbage;

– Get rid of chemicals and inflammable substances;

– Ensure that the gas cylinders are sealed and gas access is blocked;

– After returning home, ventilate all the rooms;

– Drain stagnant water from the water tank.

The Dubai Police also issued recommendations on how to protect the house from robbers:

– Lock all doors and windows;

– Take your cash and valuables to the bank cell;

– Ensure the safety of safes with valuables;

– Tell relatives or friends about your departure and ask them to look after the house.

Of course all these instructions can be useful for people of any country of the world during the heat.