UAE named world’s largest aid donor


United Arab Emirates are among the world’s largest donors of economic assistance to other states

This achievement is evidence of the generous policy of the government of the country.

The UAE’s foreign policy is carried out within the framework of principles based on diplomacy, dialogue and compassion. The UAE committed itself to neighboring states and the international community to maintain peace, stability and security for all in the region. To achieve these goals, the country purposefully contributes to “building bridges” between states, maintaining partnership and dialogue. The reliance on these international cooperation tools allows the government to continue to pursue an effective, balanced policy and maintain broad relations with the international community.

According to the report of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in 2017 the UAE became the world’s largest donor country providing official assistance to other states.

In total, the contribution of the UAE to the development of other countries last year amounted to 19.32 billion US dollars, which is 1.31% of the country’s gross national income. It is worth noting that such a figure is twice the international standards in the amount of 0.7%, which were established by the United Nations.

The volume of funds listed in 2017 increased by 23.72% compared to 2016.

Almost 43% (8.28 billion dirhams) of funds allocated to the United Arab Emirates were channeled to Asian countries, about 28% (5.4 billion dirhams) were transferred to African countries, 23% (4.44 billion dirhams) was allocated to European countries.

Also, 2.97 billion dirhams were allocated to Yemen.

In total, $ 19.3 billion to more than 147 countries around the world were transferred by the UAE in 2017.

The UAE is saving the position of the largest official donor in the world, allocating funds for the development of other countries in terms of national income, for the fifth year in a row. The state actively shares its benefits with all of the humanity.

The total world volume of official financial assistance amounted to 538.5 billion dirhams – a figure that is 0.6% lower than in 2016.

The second place in the rating was taken by Sweden with 1.01% of gross national income.
The third place was taken by Luxembourg, spending on international aid 1% of its gross national income. Among other countries that have achieved UN indicators in relation to GNI are Norway, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

The UAE leadership seeks to ensure that the foreign policy of the state continues to adhere to the principles of prudence, support, reconciliation and consent, as well as cooperation with international organizations. The UAE is always ready to contribute to the protection of the rights of the weak and defenseless.