Shaikh Mohammad said ‘to be ahead of anybody, and be faster,’ is the approach for the sustainability of UAE’s success.

According to High Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the political anxieties rocking the region are a set of confrontations for Dubai’s business industry, yet they must be embraced.

In an exclusive interview with CNN correspondent John Defterios, the Shaikh was questioned if he was worried about the Middle East’s political uncertainty as per its impact on Dubai’s business industry.

He responded amidst enthusiasm about the continuous development of the state, despite all odds, that “it is a challenge” and not an uncertainty. “It’s a challenge for us, and we must take it”, he added.

More so, the emirate’s ruler noted that in spite of crawling growth and low oil prices, the city would continue “to fly.”

Shaikh Mohammad believes that the plan for sustaining Dubai’s success is to “be ahead of anybody, and be faster.”

John Defterios, the CNN correspondent, further inquired from the Shaikh, during the short interview conducted at the Dubai Air Show, about the reduction of the population of passengers routing through the GCC, owing to rising competition.

He thus replied: “Maybe you are right, but not with Emirates. Always our planes are full.” He also noted that “lot of visitors” are going through Dubai International, and passenger traffic was on the high-side.

With deep sense of humour, and amidst a laugh, Shaikh Mohammad invited any interested airline to replicate the Emirate’s feat. He said, they are “welcome” to.